About Us

Award-Winning Law Firm Digital Marketing Agency

Who We Are

Array Law is a premier, award-winning digital marketing agency for the legal industry. We work with law firms across the United States to deliver fully integrated digital marketing campaigns. Our services comprise every aspect of digital branding, marketing, and advertising.

We are a 100% digital-focused company with expertise and a proven strategy that ensures success for law firms we partner with, minimizes waste, delivers high ROIs, and generates new business.

What We Do

Array Law offers everything you need to establish a strong online presence by combining the latest technologies with real-world expertise to deliver fully integrated digital marketing campaigns that generate trackable results. We harmoniously integrate website design, SEO, PPC advertising, and social media marketing to create digital marketing campaigns that take users through the full customer journey from unawareness of your business to becoming a client.

Our Mission

To provide world class digital marketing for our clients to generate more revenue, employ more people, and serve more customers.

Our Team

Our Team Simply Loves Digital Marketing.

It’s more of a passion and a calling for us than a job. You might call it a vocation. We eat, breathe, live, and love it. We get excited about it. We are filled with enthusiasm for digital marketing and desire nothing more than to create digital marketing campaigns that can help you bring in more cases.

We are a US-based company and our entire team lives in the US. We do not outsource our digital marketing to other countries. Every client is assigned a dedicated professional project manager who coordinates all activities, the website development team, and ensures that everything is completed with the highest quality on time. Also driving the effort is a dedicated marketing strategist, our creative director who coordinates all the marketing with our dedicated SEO, social media, advertising, and content creation teams.


Erik J. Olson

Erik J. Olson started his agency, 80|20 in 2013, focusing on the programming and management skills he had developed as an engineer at a Department Of Defense contractor. Erik’s team created data-intensive custom web and mobile applications for clients throughout the country. 

Kevin Daisey

After gaining recognition and winning numerous awards as a teenage web designer, Kevin Daisey decided to start his own digital agency at age 23: ID Web in 2006. After developing over 500 websites and helping law firm clients dominate in SEO, his team was able to accomplish anything in WordPress.

The Genesis

Kevin and Erik both offered solutions to many digital challenges but both noticed the same problem – many of their clients hired them to build a single digital product that later failed to generate new business for their clients. To help their customers, they both began offering secondary services for search engine optimization, social media, online advertising, and content marketing in order to make their digital solutions generate more business for their clients.

Both Kevin and Erik noticed that the majority of digital marketing agencies tended to excel on either the technology side or the creative side and, depending on the side they were stronger in, they tended to perform poorly on the other. Companies that were great on the creative side tended to lack good technical ability, and vice versa.

The greatest digital marketing intersection is where data, technology, and creativity meet. Technology, creativity, buying psychology, and economics must be combined effectively for digital marketing campaigns to realize their ROI potential.

For that reason, they joined forces and created Array Digital in 2017, putting all of their collective focus into integrated digital marketing solutions that could generate business for their clients. Erik’s strengths in technology, data, and project management combined with Kevin’s creativity and understanding of the buyer’s journey made for the perfect mix needed to execute integrated digital marketing campaigns that engage, inform, and convert users more effectively into clients. Their different skill sets combined to create the yin and yang of effective digital marketing.

Core Values

We believe strongly in the following Core Values which reflect in all of our interactions with clients, employees, and the community.
  • Transparency:

    Being honest and operating in a way that it is easy for others to see what actions are performed are the bedrock for building trust with team members and clients.

  • Quality:

    We are some of the best at what we do. We provide the highest quality offering practicable. We will always produce at a superior level. Mediocre performance is unacceptable. Every team member is expected to highlight and address low quality work.

  • Urgency:

    Being on time is not enough. We must have a sense of urgency and complete our work as quickly as possible. We are growing fast and there’s no opportunity for downtime. The faster we are, the more we will accomplish in the same amount of time.

  • Winning:

    We are a winning organization. We win on a daily basis through our actions and attitudes. We win attention, mindshare, and business in the marketplace. We position our clients to win through our high-quality, attention-grabbing digital marketing. We are in this to win it.

  • Passion:

    We are passionate about the work we do and how we do it. That passion can clearly be seen in the way we continuously learn more about our craft, in how we constantly strive to improve ourselves as individuals and as an organization, and in how we carry ourselves professionally in all situations.

Our Philosophy

Legal Digital Marketing Focus

While our competitors “also do digital marketing for lawyers,” that’s what we do. We don’t just dabble in it.

Digital marketing technology and the environment are rapidly changing. New features are added, outdated features are removed, and other features are rewarded or penalized by platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Instagram. Trends in the legal industry change too. What worked yesterday does not always work today. It’s a full-time job just keeping up with all these changes.

It takes a lot of energy and focus to be on top of all these changes. But we love it. This is all we do. We love digital marketing so much, we volunteer to teach other marketers how to be better at what they do.

Constant Communication And Transparency

Relationships are built on trust, communication, and transparency. You’ll never be left in the dark about what we’re doing. Our team will be in constant communication on a regular basis. At the bare minimum, you will hear from us every two weeks and meet with us every month. That’s how frequently we provide a detailed data analysis of your marketing engagements, review performance, and report on key performance metrics.

Forget about screenshots cluttered with tons of data you don’t understand. We’ll walk you through the entire analysis with a personalized video report from our team. The video report will explain the good, the bad, and the ugly. There shouldn’t be much in the way of bad and ugly, but when there is, we will address it directly. If there are numbers we don’t like, we’ll tell you what we’ve already done, or will do, to fix them. You will never be left in the dark.

Simple Rates With No Extra Fees

You don’t like surprises. So why is it that most website design & digital marketing agencies love to surprise you with setup fees, hidden charges, change order fees, and outrageous hourly rates? There’s a better way!

At Array Law, we use a simple no extra fees model to make invoices predictable and easy for you to work with us.

One monthly price • No setup fees • No extra charges • No hidden fees • No surprises!

The Best At What We Do

Unless you’re heavily invested in keeping on top of digital marketing – as in spending hours a day learning and working in the space – it is improbable that you’ll be able to compete with law firms that hire professional digital marketers that invest all of their time in this specialty.

Unless you work with a firm that puts all its efforts into being better than other law firm digital marketing agencies, it’s unlikely you can compete with other law firms that hire professional agencies.

Studying and working to be the best at digital marketing for law firms is where we spend our energy and time. Our team is comprised of the best and brightest in the industry. So we invest heavily in research, training, and recruitment to be the best.

Easy To Reach And Work With

You can contact us anytime for any reason and expect a direct and fast answer, whether by phone or email. You don’t have to submit frustrating tickets or jump through any other hoops. It’s simple. Call us or email us and get an answer fast.

We are passionate about providing you with great customer service. We take all the time necessary to fully understand your expectations. Our goal is not just to meet your expectations for customer service; rather, we find every way we can to exceed them.

We understand that part of your decision is to not only find the digital marketing agency that can generate results, but also one that understands this is a partnership. One that will require you to work with us on a regular basis so we make sure to do what it takes to be a good partner that you will be happy working with for years to come.

Our Approach To Work

You’ll find our approach to marketing and advertising like a breath of fresh air. We bring the obvious to the forefront and opt for simplicity and effectiveness over complexity and cleverness. If it doesn’t sell, then it doesn’t matter how clever it is.

We don’t use gimmicky snake oil strategies that promise thousands of leads for pennies a month. We use high-quality proven digital marketing tactics and strategies. We find your ideal prospects and drive them into a website that converts.

We’re excited to help you grow and achieve your dreams. If this is how you think too, if you want to grow and dominate your competitors, we’re likely going to be a fit for you.

Website Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Online Advertising, Social Media & Digital Marketing.

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Website Design, Online Advertising, SEO, Social Media & Digital Marketing.
© Array Law