Episode # 52

Hosted By
Kevin Daisey

Featuring Attorney

Brooke Goff

Managing Partner of
Goff Law Group LLP

About Brooke Goff

Brooke A. Goff, a managing partner at Goff Law Group LLP, is a personal injury lawyer dedicated to improving the lives of accident victims throughout Connecticut. With a proven track record of success, Attorney Goff only works for the injured or those suffering injustice – not for insurance companies.

She has her own radio show called “Ask Attorney Brooke Goff” every Tuesday at 9 AM on 104.1 WMRQ, where she answers listener's questions with Amy and Holden. This live Q & A gives Attorney Goff an opportunity to connect with the community and provide injury-related knowledge.

Learn more about Brooke, the firm, her radio show, and more on this episode of The Managing Partners Podcast!

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