Episode # 48

Hosted By
Erik J. Olson

Featuring Attorney

José Ignacio Rivero

Managing Partner of
Gonzalez Calvillo

About José Ignacio Rivero

José Ignacio Rivero is managing partner of Gonzalez Calvillo. He has over 15 years of experience providing legal and business advice to domestic and foreign clients, actively representing individuals and companies from a wide range of sectors, in multi-million local and cross-border transactions.

Additionally, he serves in the board of directors of several companies, including Aleatica, a public company with a major participation in the Mexican toll-road infrastructure sector; Tarjetas del Futuro, the financial services arm of Rappi in Mexico; Crédito Maestro, Soluciones Integrales TBY, and Inmobiliaria La Rumorosa, a Mexican industrial real estate development company.

Learn more about José and his expertise on this episode of The Managing Partners podcast!

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