HawkLaw Case Study

Array Law Significantly Increased HawkLaw’s Conversion Quantity and Quality

Executive Summary

Array Law is a digital marketing agency that focuses on getting their law firm clients found on Google.

HawkLaw, a digital-first personal injury law firm in South Carolina, hired Array Law to help with custom website design, search engine optimization (SEO), and online advertising when their existing marketing firm failed to deliver conversions.

With Array Law’s focused approach to online marketing, HawkLaw saw a significant increase in conversion quantity and quality over their previous online marketing efforts.

The below chart shows the year over year growth (the current year is in blue and previous year is in yellow) in website visitors, sessions, and other marketing metrics. These were obtained as a result of the targeted marketing performed by Array Law. 

The Problem HawkLaw Faced

Traffic to a law firm’s website, as well as phone calls to their office, are an early indicator of success.  Although a firm’s lead volume may be relatively high, if those potential clients are looking for a practice area that the firm doesn’t support then that traffic will not convert.

When website visitors don’t convert, then the additional traffic reflects plenty of activity, but little in the way of results. HawkLaw experienced this problem first-hand.

HawkLaw had an existing online marketing presence, but it was failing to draw in targeted traffic that needed the type of services the firm provided.

With the help of their prior online marketing agency, they saw a significant number of phone calls, form submissions, and chat conversations, but conversions were low.

Those leads did not convert into actual cases. This was because many of those calls were people looking for law services HawkLaw did not practice, such as family law.

HawkLaw’s previous marketing agency did not focus exclusively on digital marketing. Rather, this agency focused on television and billboard marketing with digital marketing being secondary service. 

This agency did not holistically use all the avenues typical of digital marketing (i.e., SEO, online advertising, social advertising, etc.).

Rachel Hice, the marketing coordinator at HawkLaw, summarized the problem:

[Our previous agency] was a national firm… It was a bigger firm that was an all-in-one company. They created content for us as well as distributed the content.

They handled TV, social media, our website, everything. We had results that looked great as far as traffic goes, but the leads that we were getting were not good-quality leads. Our call center was really busy, but we weren’t converting.

Array Law believes that the world has shifted online. Because of this belief, we focus exclusively on digital marketing.

Array Law also takes a collaborative approach to marketing, working closely with each client to create a unique digital marketing strategy for their firm that takes into account their goals, competitors, and geographic focus.

This strategy was exactly what the HawkLaw marketing team desired.

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How Array Law Provided a Solution

HawkLaw realized they had a serious problem when Google’s Core Algorithm update rolled out in December 2020.

Their previous agency was not able to appropriately adjust, and HawkLaw’s conversion rate dropped. Furthermore, HawkLaw’s previous agency was not open to collaboration to solve critical website errors.

“I felt like it was more of ‘the less collaboration, the better’ on their end,” says Hice. “They didn’t want to work closely with us to see what we were thinking. It was just, ‘This is our plan. It will work. End of story.’” Shortly after, HawkLaw started the search for a new digital marketing agency.

Hice also expressed frustration with the all-in-one approach her prior firm took. “Because they were trying to do everything and they did not have a specific specialty, it all seemed mediocre.” When HawkLaw began looking for another firm, Hice noted, “We wanted to work with companies that were open to collaboration.”

Array Law’s collaborative and exclusive focus on digital marketing was what HawkLaw was seeking. They began working with Array Law in April of 2021.

As HawkLaw’s digital marketing agency, Array Law created a custom website design, improved local and organic SEO, and updated online advertising efforts. HawkLaw shifted their focus from traditional offline advertising and poured their efforts into online methods.

The focus also shifted from general legal marketing to practice-area specific marketing like “personal injury South Carolina” and “car accident lawyer” to better reach the firm’s target audience.

The goal was to not only get more traffic, but also to see traffic that could have the potential to convert into paying clients who needed HawkLaw’s practice areas.

The results came in quickly.

In very little time, HawkLaw tripled its first-page organic keywords with Array Law’s help. Those keywords had a better focus on the particular practice areas the firm offered.

This immediately started increasing conversions.

Those conversions continued to increase throughout the remainder of the year. They saw their conversion rates increase by over 125% by December 2021. Those increases continued, and HawkLaw conversions are increasing by over 360% year-over-year through their continued partnership with Array Law.

Today, HawkLaw consistently retains over 150 cases per month using just their digital marketing efforts. This allows them to better target their advertising dollars as a digital-first law firm, drawing in the right traffic to improve their overall results.

HawkLaw’s partnership with Array Law continues. Since this journey began, HawkLaw’s organic rankings for critical keyword phrases have also improved.

Array Law created a rigorous custom solution for their client, pushing HawkLaw to the first results for search keywords like “workers’ compensation lawyer” and “car accident lawyer” in South Carolina.

This, in turn, has increased their organic, targeted traffic, and that is a key reason for the increase in conversions.

In their first year with Array Law, HawkLaw’s online marketing efforts increased in effectiveness and overall conversion rate. They are looking forward to continuing their partnership with Array Law to see these results continue in the years to come.

About Array Law

Array Law is a premier, award winning, law firm marketing agency. We work with law firms across the United States and provide strategic digital marketing solutions that drive relevant traffic and leads to our law firm clients.

We accomplish this through high quality websites, SEO, online advertising, and social media.

We focus exclusively on law firm digital marketing allowing clients like HawkLaw to grow from exceptional results. Our solutions are comprehensive and collaborative so you get the conversions you need.

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